The beginning

An all-time family tradition… a desire to have a place of their own and two fox terriers, this is how the legacy of LA PINETA all begun.

Skiing has always been a family affair for the Kronauers. They would go up these unruffled mountains as a retreat. Everything was perfect, the amazing misty view and the magnificent experience every single journey. But one thing was missing--the perfect place to stay in.
It should be spacious so Lucky and Jérome could roam around comfortably, but not too extravagant. It should be homey but would still feel like you’re not home and on a pleasant retreat.
Therefore mother and daughter persuaded “Nonno *” to build a chalet in Verbier. And he did.

This was all 64 years ago.

He then thought of letting others experience the beauty of this peaceful and charming sanctuary … and as they say, the rest is history.

La Pineta has been devoted to its beginning. It has fostered and welcomed families from everywhere.
A silent witness to families, couples, and friends as they weave delightful memories and celebrate life.


*italian for grandfather. This was how Emilio Kronauer was fondly called by his grandchildren.